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About the movie


After we started writing the screenplay in October 2012 Coyote really did get stung in the neck by a little tan scorpion while working as a stagehand for Brad Paisley near the Mexican border.

Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1 is based upon the true story of Coyote, then the story became ghosts popping out of his body to do his Kung Fu fighting for him.

Coyote's legs were swollen for several months during the scriptwriting. Coyote's financial desperation motivated him to return to his stagehand work and ditch digging which resulted in torn ligaments and tendons due to his swollen limbs.

Since June 2014, Coyote is healed up and ready to Kung Fu fight the world's evils...


UPDATE June 2015:

The original February 2013 screenplay is still my favorite. It's an "art movie."

Since then Scott and Richard have performed some requested rewrites to make the screenplay more "Hollywood."

At the end of 2014, the screenplay introduction was changed from a musical intro to an action intro to satisfy a producer of Rush Hour 4 who shopped it to his Hollywood producer friends. He responded last week, "They just don't get it!"

This movie will always be a little artsy and artistic, but it is still a great movie with action, comedy, and some "magic." We just need a producer willing to make an amazing unconventional movie that will inspire the world to be a happier better place. Recent similar movies are "Guardians of the Galaxy," and "Kingsman." Older similar movies are, "Austin Powers," "Purple Rain," and "Karate Kid."

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