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Liberty Park Classes 1999


1999 Utah

Liberty Park Utah 1999Liberty Park Utah 1999

Liberty Park Utah 1999Liberty Park Utah 1999
I am very proud of Shao Ming. She Shaolin Chi Mantis class of adults through the complete SCM Chinese Yoga routine, and all the basic kicks and punches at AGE 5.
(Probably stood there smiling the entire time.)

Liberty Park Utah 1999Masonic Kung Fu Form 1999 Utah
Shao Ming (Caitlin O'Connor)
is leading the class through the Kung Fu form, "Lian Bu" (Ling Po). This was later discovered by Freemason Richard Del Connor to be the "Masonic Kung Fu" form, created before the Japanese invaded China in 1937.

Tai Chi Youth and Shaolin Chi Mantis classMasonic Kung Fu Form Lian Bu Ling Po
Grandmaster Kam Yuen taught me this Lian Bu form personally in 1982

Grandmaster Wong Jack Man retaught me this Lian Bu form in San Francisco 1998
when he certified me as a Chinese Jing Mo school.

Liberty Park Utah 1999Luohan 1 Kung Fu Form of Tai Mantis
Here's another Luohan pose, like me with the Monk Spade.
The guardians of Buddha bring forth the wrath of Heaven... after a warning stance.

TCY Board of Trustees: Mike Edwards, Zhen Ming-Mou, Bill DufalaLiberty Park Utah 1999

Zhen Ming-Mou leads the Tai Chi Youth class

Zhen Ming-Mou at Liberty Park TCY class
Zhen Ming Mou age 8, Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Zhen Ming-Mou 1999
Cool and confident. Tai Chi Youth creates heroes.



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