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About Buddha Kung Fu


book cover Buddha Kung Fu Student ManualIn 2008 Buddha Zhen (Zhen Shen-Lang) aka "Coyote" launched the Buddha Kung Fu schools. Utilizing the best and enjoyable programs from Tai Chi Youth, Buddha Zhen added back half of the Shaolin Kung Fu Forms and Chinese weapons to create a "doable Kung Fu" school for Americans.

The Praying Mantis Kung Fu programs were kept in Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu & Taijiquan curriculums.

Buddha Kung Fu is a 10 level belt rank system. You start with a white sash and add 10 blue stripes to it. No other colors of sashes or belts.

"It will be interesting to see if students can complete all ten belt rank levels in seven years," ponders Patriarch Zhen Shen-Lang.

Zhen Shen-Lang is Richard Del Connor's Chinese name. Zhen = Truth. Shen-Lang = Spirit Wolf. So, Coyote's name is Spirit Wolf of Truth.

The Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual contains 40 pages of Coyote's history. "I wanted to take the fuel out of other people using my dirty laundry against me, or my students being surprised to learn of my rock and roll past." The book details Coyote's entire life in a unique outline form.

The Buddha Kung Fu Student Manual contains links to many other websites and informative webpages at

BZ and Family 2007
Richard Del Connor (in black shirt) is Buddha Zhen, founder of Tai Chi Youth and Shaolin Chi Mantis schools. The next year, 2008, was the official launch of Buddha Kung Fu. "A school between Shaolin Chi Mantis and Tai Chi Youth," explains Kung Fu Cowboy.

Lian Bu Ling Po in front row
Photo of students taking a break to perform their Kung Fu dances for the crowd. Son Rory, "Zhen Song-Dao," and daughter Caitlin, "Zhen Ming-Mou," were still attending Kung Fu classes in 2007.

After Parade Posing
Kung Fu Cowboy and Kung Fu family.

BZ and Zhen Ming-Mou with SCM Flag
Sweaty Dad and smiling daughter.


Paul Dunham and TCY Flag
Tai Chi Youth is the nonprofit organization founded by Kung Fu Cowboy in 1996. Tai Chi Youth includes programs for adults and seniors. The programs have been taught in a dozen public schools, several churches, and several community centers.

After being hosed by fire engine truck
This is how we like to see students leave our classes -- with a smile.

Oh yeah?  I'm friendlier than you!
Coyote has enjoyed using Kung Fu to bring people together in harmony.

Sweaty Buddha Zhen
Kung Fu is about living a happy healthy life. See!

End of the Parade at 105 degrees
The One-Handed Shaolin Salute is only used by Shaolin Disciples
of the original Zen Buddhism.

Tai Chi Youth Buddhas
Kung Fu Cowboy plans to use his movie profits
to launch the nonprofit charity, Tai Chi Youth,
to reach students worldwide.


Push Hands is FUN

Tai Chi Youth Push Hands Tournaments

for more information: TaiChiYouth.org


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