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 Kung Fu Cowboy Raises Kids Shaolin Style


The Family that Kung Fu's Together -- Stays Together
Coyote and pups Tujunga

The Kung Fu of The Hippy Coyote is Shaolin Kung Fu, Yang Tai Chi, and Northern Praying Mantis.

Visit these websites built by Coyote "Buddha Zhen" to discover and learn more about traditional Chinese Kung Fu.






I've been gathering images for KUNG FU COWBOY ROCK & ROLL MOVIE 1. Since the movie starts with my family life and Kung Fu schools... Here is a bunch of photos.


Photos of Coyote and kids in Tujunga backyard 2003:

Buddha Zhen in Tujunga backyard 2003

Coyote to Rory July 3, 2013: "Life is fun -- when you make fun of it."


Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
Kicking and punching at the LaCanada YMCA 2003.


Patriarch Sash bestowed upon Buddha Zhen 1997 Coyote receives Patriarch Sash in 1997.
There can be only one... SCM Patriarch, BKF Patriarch on this planet.


Buddha Zhen and Zhen Song-Dao
Kung Fu is great exercise because it is like swimming in the air.


Buddha Zhen and Zhen Song-Dao at YMCA LaCanada
"How's this dad? I mean, Shifu?"


Zhen Song-Dao and Zhen Ming-Mou in Tujunga backyard
"Hey, I think I saw an angel."


Buddha belly after black widow bite
Coyote with extra weight from black widow bite in 2001. He gained 60 pounds before he could start Kung Fu again and lost all the weight. "My Tai Chi Youth and Buddha Kung Fu programs are the best and most fun way to lose weight!"


Tai Chi is for Offense
Kung Fu is more than flopping and flapping your limbs.
It requires focused concentration that improves many mental skills.
Rory set new records in his elementary school for reading speeds.
In Shaolin Chi Mantis, Tai Chi Youth, and Buddha Kung Fu: reading outloud is part of at least one weekly class.


Buddha Zhen and Bo-jie Ming, Matt Caputo, Pete Caputo, Bill Vardon and Zhen Ming-Mou
The One-Handed Disciple Bow of true Zen Buddhists.
Only disciples of the original Shaolin Temple on Mt. Songshan bow this way. Do you know why?


Tai Chi Crane Spreads Wings
Coyote lost his extra 60 pounds he gained after the black widow bite by adding Kung Fu classes back into his life.
In one year he was back to 185 pounds.


Tai Chi Playing The Pipa
"I'm ready dad!"


Buddha Zhen teaches Parting the Horse's Mane
"Parting the Horse's Mane" is an excellent way to control an opponent.
Buddha Zhen has taught this to police and prison guards in special seminars for them.


Buddha Front Kicks
Learn to kick by isolating the leg from the rest of your body.
Then you can punch and turn and do other things while kicking.


"I can't choke her!"  Prayer Hands win.
"See! She can break my choke hold without being as strong as me. Use your muscles AND your bones."


Snake Creeps Down the Mountain by Coyote Clan
Kung Fu makes you work harder so life gets easier.
Sometimes the hard way is the right way.


Single Whip of Shaolin Chi Mantis
In Kung Fu you have to position your arms, your legs, your feet, your waist, your shoulders and your hands...


Master Zhen"
"If your Kung Fu doesn't make you happy it's Kung Fool."


Parting the Horse's Mane with Zhen Ming-Mou
Dad in his Daoist dress... I mean Daoist robe.
"I like your dress," a young teen once said to Buddha Zhen in a Utah mall.


Hug from Zhen Song-Dao
Kung Fu is not about intimidation or violence. It is about improving the quality of your life.
Love, peace, harmony, communication, patience, awareness, focus... are Kung Fu qualities.
Beating people up is not on our daily schedule.


Crane Spreads Wings
The CRANE STANCE improves balance.
Coyote's seniors had less accidents and were better prepared to help their fellow seniors.


Tai Chi Front Kick
Keep your back straight Ming.


The Lost Podcasts
of Kung Fu Cowboy

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Podcast #9 of 36
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includes ENTIRE LEVEL 3 album by American Zen 4,2014.

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